Janay Wise, Executive Administrator

“Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.”

Bugs Bunny

Janay Wise is the Executive Administrator at Dream Design Builders, often serving as the first impression of our communication with our clients. Janay’s passion for creation & arts is reflected in her work, as she flows around the office like a paintbrush to an easel making sure all office needs are met. Janay makes time spent in the office appear as an art form, and not an office job, by applying the same fundamentals she uses when writing a new song or beginning a new drawing. From her communication with clients & coworkers, to her organization and dedication to make the foundation of every project & task a success, Janay sees all work delegations as a blank canvas on which to create another work of art.

Janay has over 9 years of experience working in customer service, and she excels in making the clients feel as though their needs are her own. She possesses an excellent work ethic, which contributes to her strength in boosting company morale with her pleasant demeanor and contagious positive energy. Janay’s work is organized and quality focused to execute all tasks in a timely, friendly manner.

“JANAY, I mean it this time – No more drawing on the walls!!!”  This was the child that you could not keep from drawing or doodling on any & everything she saw.  As she got older her creativity blossomed, as she was always drawing portraits and free sketches. One could find her jotting down new ideas for inventions and concepts for commercials/t.v. shows/movie pitches that she felt the world would appreciate.  She took her love for arts to another level when joining chorus in middle school, where a new love was found – singing. In addition to her love of the arts, Janay also enjoys meditation and spending time with her family and her pets.





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