Skip Reichenberg, Project Designer-Graphics Manager

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

Jonathan Swift.

As Senior Architect at Dream Design Builders, Skip designs and prepares detailed design and construction documents for submission to our clients and to the various municipalities that require them. Skip’s experience has given him the power of persuasion in managing the municipal workers’ expectations regarding their proposed revisions to the architectural aspects of the project. Because of his attentiveness to detail and his problem-solving capabilities, Skip has the ability to present the client with a project that meets their needs and desires while simultaneously meeting the city’s codes and expectations. This is a labor of love for Skip, and Dream Design Builders is proud to have him on the team.

Skip graduated as Valedictorian of the Newschool of Architecture and Design, San Diego, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. Additionally, Skip earned an Associate’s Degree in Architecture Sciences. He has been designing in the construction and building industry since 1985, but his passion for building has been a prominent source of motivation since childhood.

Skip’s hobbies include golfing, hiking, camping, and working on home improvements. Skip enjoys spending quality time with his family, and he takes pleasure in his involvement with his children’s participation in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. He is dedicated to volunteering his time for people who are in need, and he prides himself in helping to make our community a better place.





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