Miguel Karlen, Design & Construction Consultant

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victim.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

Miguel’s professional life is characterized by a passion for making a lasting difference in people’s lives, whether that is empowering people to live to a higher standard or dramatically improving the environments in which they live. Service is at the core of Miguel’s work, which drives the actualization of fundamental traits such as creativity, teamwork, and leadership. Miguel’s 20 years of experience with practical knowledge of residential construction, remodeling, and design makes him an excellent partner in the successful completion of your next home remodeling or construction project!

On his career experience, Miguel explains, “I love what I do because of the opportunity to transform people’s lives by revamping the physical environments in which they live. Home is where the heart is, so I strive to go beyond just doing “remodels” or “construction” projects, but rather I give people a whole new sense of themselves and their experience of life by altering their home in unique and creative ways. People and their needs change over time, and I like to know that I can provide practical solutions to give them what they want.”

In addition to Design Consulting, Miguel is a husband and father of two highly spirited, young boys. Since moving to San Diego from Iowa almost 15 years ago, Miguel has been given the opportunity to golf, surf, and travel. Miguel has given his love and energy to the San Diego Community and appreciates the warmth given to him in return.

“We are very fortunate to live in San Diego. The weather and the people are great, and the trends in residential remodeling and building in this part of the country are cutting edge, dynamic, and exciting, which I am blessed to be a part of!”





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