Gaby Pasquier – Production Accountant

“The only good addiction is love. Forget everything else.”

Jose Mujica

Gaby is a production accountant who handles all job costing for each individual project and client. Gaby has a knack for precision in handling numbers and accounting functions, ensuring that the project stays within the budget.

Gaby is a Certified Junior Accountant and also possesses a Human Resources Certification. Gaby graduated with honors as part of the AA program in Accounting and Bookkeeping at Mira Costa College, where she was recognized on the President’s List. Gaby has experience in the Travel, Real Estate, and Construction industries, which has provided her the knowledge of the spectrum of accounting, which has enhanced her career development over the years. She is motivated by her passion for accounting and the opportunity to learn the stories behind the numbers.

Gaby grew up in Masaya, Nicaragua and came to the United States in 1999. She has three beautiful children that are very actively involved in football, basketball, baseball, surf, tennis, and music. Although a good portion of her leisure time is usually taken up by sport and school events with her children, there is nothing in the world that Gaby enjoys more than supporting them in the activities that they are passionate about. Additionally, Gaby likes to accompany her family to theme parks, festivals, and other outdoor events.





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