Colleen Johnson, Senior Interior Designer

Colleen Johnson is an interior designer who plays an integral role in bringing each project to life. Her extensive knowledge coupled with her outstanding attention to detail assures you that no detail in your project is overlooked. Trusting your designer to be updated on style trends, colors, and technology as well as possessing the extensive knowledge of the construction process can truly help you relax and enjoy the creative process.


During Colleen’s 16-year career in the design-build industry, she has gained a thorough understanding of the construction process, learning the facets of interior planning from the ground up. Her experience in designing model homes, custom remodels, and semi-custom homes has helped Colleen bring depth and vision to every creative endeavor.

Colleen enjoys spending time with her family, music, cooking, and sports.  Her favorite sport is basketball, and she is always looking forward to her son’s next basketball game. She also loves to partake in outdoor activities such as hiking and walking on the beach where she can admire the beauty of the Southern California sunsets.





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