Design-Build Process

The design-build process is intended to make you, the homeowner, an active participant. We want you to be part of the process, not a bystander. We don’t pretend to know better than you do about what you want.

We adhere to a very systematic checklist, so that no step is missed or given less attention than it deserves. This also enables you to see where we are in the remodeling process, and to know what will be next.

Initial Meeting

• Project overview by priority
• Discuss scope of work/budget
• Review of design-build process

Project Design Meeting

• Discuss project overview and budget
• Review project priorities with the design team
• Measure home and property
• Establish design concept (sketch) with the client

Preliminary Design Development

• Finalize design concept with the client
• Discuss preliminary cost estimates/allowances
• Provide product selection and designer services information

Preliminary Plan Development

• Draw plans
• Review plans with licensed engineer (if necessary)
• Review design/plans with the client

Design Review and Approval

• Client approval of design/plans
• Review final budget agreement with the client
• Approve property improvement agreement
• Client to begin product selections

Final Home Plan Completion

• Draw final home plans for submission to City
• Submit plans to engineering (if necessary)
• Submit plans for City and building permit(s)

Project Kickoff

• Permit issued
• Confirm start date with client
• Introduce client to project team
• Review job site preparation & clean-up plan
• Project transitions to production team

Project Review

• Review progress with the client (ongoing)

Project Closeout

• Project manager meets with client
• Production completes remaining final “punch-list” items
• Final closeout meeting scheduled with client