This 11,000 sq ft custom home located in Pauma Valley, North San Diego County, is designed to enhance the character of a lifestyle in the 1950’s. A more simple feeling is created by emulating elements derived from the land. With emphasizing natural materials, forms and textures throughout the home you immediately feel comforted and at ease with your surroundings. The design includes sweeping verandas and porches, simple roof lines, deep set windows and doors, clay mud boosted roof tiles and a steel troweled plaster finish which all enhance the grounded feeling of the home in its surroundings.

Located in Carlsbad, North County San Diego, this interior and exterior remodel consisted of remodeling the kitchen and dining room, adding in grand outdoor living with upper decking, as well as a total makeover in landscape and the addition of a pool. It seamlessly brings the lively couple’s request for entertaining space that feels natural but also intentional. The design was purposed to give them multiple areas where they could spill outdoors while still protected and enjoy Southern California at its best.

This 10,500 sq ft custom home in Rancho Santa Fe brings to life the client’s wish to have a dramatic but livable home for them to entertain in. It boasts 120 feet of removable walls as well as having a large barrel vault run through the length of the home from the entry back to the pool. This links all interior and exterior spaces together seamlessly and lets the indoor/outdoor feeling permeate all spaces. With multiple kitchens, a dramatic glass entry, and a tower serving as a wine room this space is sure to dazzle and guest.

Situated on 2 acres of land this 2,000 sq ft 1970’s Ranch style home was renovated to provide an additional 700 sq ft of living space and upgrade the whole home to cohesively match the homeowner’s more contemporary style. This unique remodel features a Koi pond at the entrance of the house, several private gardens, glass curtain walls and materials not commonly found in Ranch style homes which allowed it to completely transform.

This mixed-use space located in Leucadia on the Southern California coast features 7 loft condos, ground floor commercial space, and a subterranean garage to bring a dynamic urban living opportunity to a popular beach town. It is designed to be open and contemporary blended seamlessly with coastal elements including materials, textures, rooftop decks and exterior decks.

This expansive 4,000 sq ft custom home in Poway features exciting and unique elements such as a large built-in fish aquarium in the entry, an in-house gym, and a detached guest house. Strong connections to the outdoors are created with the use of large glass door systems and an exterior courtyard at the rear which opens up to a pool and a spectacular view. The client’s wish was to create a large great room feeling with not only their kitchen, dining, and living rooms but also with the exterior. This home’s layout and comforting materials create a welcoming and connected lifestyle that the clients can enjoy year-round. 

Taking a 1,200 sq ft Spanish Revival structure and transforming it into a 3-story Contemporary home with spectacular ocean views was achieved in this remodel by creating layers of space and material that bounce off one another seamlessly. The terraced layout with expansive folding door systems creates a lovely play of indoor/outdoor reaching out to the city and ocean views beyond. Ease of use was also key for the client, so an elevator was also constructed to run all three stories.

These contemporary lofts were designed to bring an open concept with easy flow to the growing community of Leucadia, California. They use soft and neutral materials that lend themselves well to all types of residents but keep a certain charm and warmth that makes one feel at home. Approximately 1,500 sq ft each, these lofts boast rooftop decks, mid-level outdoor spaces, and coastal inspired materials all of which together brings the beach to the city in a sophisticated manner.