Being a Hall of Fame inductee has its benefits – one of them being to have a Day proclaimed to you!  Presented by Councilman Mark Kersey, during the Hall of Fame ceremony, the high honoring document reads:

“Whereas, Jay Riordan is being inducted into the Rancho Bernardo Hall of Fame due to his exemplary record of community service; and

Whereas, Jay Riordan served as the President of the Rancho Bernardo Community Council, Chair of Casa De Las Campanas’ Construction Committee, and Chair of the Poway Center for Performing Arts; and

Whereas, Jay Riordan has dedicated years of service towards Rancho Bernardo and surrounding communities; and

Whereas, Jay Riordan’s community leadership has greatly benefited Rancho Bernardo and serves as a model for all San Diegans; Now Therefore Be It Resolved, I, Mark Kersey, Councilman for the Fifth District of the City of San Diego, do hereby proclaim May 21, 2016 as “Jay Riordan Day” in the Fifth District of the City of San Diego.”