Kitchen Remodeling Checklist


  • What do you like most about your current kitchen?
  • What do you dislike most about your current kitchen?
  • Does the kitchen relate to adjacent rooms the way you would like?
  • What is the overall style preference for your new kitchen (contemporary, formal, traditional, country, other)?
  • Do you plan to use wood cabinetry in your new kitchen?
  • If yes, do you prefer light or dark wood?  Painted or faux finished?


  • What types of activities do you envision taking place within the kitchen (sit-down dining, laundry, homework, paying bills, computer center, phone/message center, other)?
  • Where does your family currently dine?  Where will they dine after the remodel?
  • If you want to eat family meals in your kitchen, how many people would you typically need to accommodate at mealtime?
  • Do you want your kitchen area to be open to a family room, den or other area?
  • Do you entertain? How often?  What is your entertainment style (formal or casual)?
  • Are your gatherings typically small or large?  Are they more mix-and-mingle or formal sit-down affairs? Do your guests help you in the kitchen?
  • If you are not using a dine-in kitchen table, what type of everyday seating would you use (bar stools, chairs, booth, bench seating or none)?
  • What entertainment features might you want to incorporate (e.g., separate beverage area, wine storage, glasses, etc.) into your kitchen design?

Cooking/Preparation Areas

  • Who is the primary cook in the family? What is the primary cooking style (quick and simple, family meals, gourmet meals, microwave meals)?
  • Is mealtime a family affair?  How many people are normally involved in food preparation?  Would additional or separate work areas be helpful?
  • Plan for the location of like items. For instance, the sink, dishwasher and recycling center might be adjacent; or you may want spices and cooking utensils near your stove/oven area.
  • Don’t forget traffic flow in and around your kitchen.  Is there a back door? Easy access to the fridge (the most frequently used kitchen appliance)?
  • Is there enough counter space for appliances you use every day?  Would you prefer these appliances be built-in or stored away?
  • Is there a gourmet in the family who requires special equipment such as an extra-large refrigerator, oven or cooktop?
  • Would a separate vegetable sink or indoor grill be ideal features?


  • How do you usually shop (by meal, for the week, in bulk, canned goods)?
  • Do you have enough accessible storage for bulk and everyday food items, Tupperware, entertaining/serving items?
  • Do you want to showcase any kitchenware or serving items in glass or cabinets?
  • Do you require any additional storage for items currently housed elsewhere in your home?  What about linens, fine china or other pieces that you may now keep in a hall closet, china hutch, attic or garage?
  • Do you need areas which are safeguarded from children?
  • Do you require a recycling center?


  • Do you need additional task lighting in specific work areas? More lighting overall?
  • Is the kitchen open to a shared family space?  Perhaps ambient or low-level cabinet lighting (above or below) would be beneficial?

Other Considerations

  • Are your appliances in good working order or will you need new, energy-efficient models?
  • What type of countertops do you envision?
  • Do you have enough electrical outlets/circuits in the right places to support food preparation on a large scale (e.g., Thanksgiving dinner for 12)?
  • If there is a window, is it ideally situated for a view of the backyard, garden or other preferred area?  Does it let in enough light?
  • If there is a back door, is it ideally situated for access to the backyard, patio or entertaining areas?





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