Our architectural design experience is definitely different. It all starts by getting to know who you are, your interests, your desires and your dreams. We spend time here because we know if we get to the core of what you are really looking for, we will hit a home run. We call this programming with our clients.

We use questionnaires and resources to assist us on getting a handle on your styles, colors, architectural features and most importantly, budgetary goals that are discussed in the programming stage. Dream Design Builders achieves this by providing our clients the flexibility to choose from many different design and budgetary options early on in the design process. This is key to a successful outcome for your project. In most cases with other remodeling or building contractors, you either get a design that you are excited about, but can’t afford to build it, or your design is in budget, but doesn’t really excite you.

Dream Design Builders is dedicated to a successful project outcome by providing you an architectural design that brings your vision to life and also meets your budgetary goals allowing you to actually build your DREAM reality.



In our first or second design meeting with you, Dream Design Builders will generate several different design options using rendered concept boards illustrating scaled color floor plans, site plans, elevations and one point or two point perspective drawings. Because we present multiple concept designs coupled with rough costs for each design presented, you are able to make informative decisions related to both design and costs simultaneously.


It begins with our on-site field measure of your home, property or undeveloped land. We spend a few hours on-site taking measurements and photographs of your existing conditions. We then create an electronic file in Auto CAD of your home illustrating floor plans, elevations, sections and a site plan if needed so that we are able to produce an electronic document of your existing home and property. This document will allow our design team to do a thorough study of your existing conditions.

We then look at your site constraints, building department requirements and your vision and begin designing and presenting concept boards and budgets around each potential solution. This is where your participation and involvement in our design meetings is extremely important. The more input and feedback we are able to extract from you, the better the outcome.

Once we have established a solid design and budget direction from you, we then begin to develop Auto-CAD drawings which may include complete floor plans, interior and exterior elevations, demo plans, roof plans, electrical plans, reflective ceiling plans and site plans that are relative to your project.

After we have finalized most of your Auto-CAD drawings we will create interior and exterior colored renderings as needed that will give you a clear vision of your completed design.

Before photographs are taken of your home and property during our on-site field measure.

Electronic Auto-CAD drawings are generated of your existing conditions.

Multiple concept boards and budgets are created to provide you with the ability to make informed decisions.

Fully developed Auto-CAD drawings are generated once the design has been agreed upon.

A colored rendering or multiple renderings are created to give you a 3 dimensional view of your proposed project.

The best part of this process is when your project is complete and you realize that your vision has truly come to life.


One of our experienced design consultants will meet you at your home to gain a better understanding of your goals, wishes and budgetary desires as they relate to your home and site conditions. After approval of our Design Agreement, our team will start a process of gathering information from you through our questionnaire and other resources. We will then begin a series of events beginning with our site measure, space programming, schematic design process, budget analysis, value engineering, architectural and structural design development, written specifications and details for your proposed project.

Dream Design Builders prides themselves on being able to deliver the most efficient and best design experience that you can imagine.

Our experienced Design team is here to support you all the way from concept to the completion of your project. We are excited to create a design that will exceed your expectations and a design that you will actually get to build. Our Team is dedicated to Inspire, Create and Preserve your Dreams.

We really appreciate your honesty and dedication to us and our kitchen remodel project. You and your crew did a stellar job and we are so happy with our new ‘earthy and elegant’ kitchen. It truly has been a dream come true!
Francie D. and John W.
We just want to thank you for the incredible job you have done. You transformed our house and we love it! You were not only timely with your work, but the quality was most impressive. We really appreciate the care and time you gave us, even for the smallest question. We will continue to recommend you to any friends with home remodeling or construction needs.
Peter and Dot H.